Cymbidium Records

Dec 02

Sustainable Sounds - bringing more value to music

The on-going digital revolution has changed the music industry dramatically: making and releasing music is much easier today and therefore we are able to enjoy a wider variety of music than ever before. Thanks to the internet artists can distribute and market their music easily and cost-efficiently. We can follow our favorite artists on social media and get first-hand knowledge of their future releases and concerts.

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Nov 12

Fixing broken beats - an interview with Saine

We´ve been busy bees at Cymbidium during the fall, and some new releases are on their way soon. One of these releases will be Saine´s third album on Cymbidium Records, titled Long Time No See, to be released on the 1st of December as a special christmas treat from us. It will be available for purchase through download stores digitally and as a limited vinyl edition - more details on that to follow soon at our label´s website and at

While he himself doesn´t like to put labels on his music, the previous albums (Imagine This, 2007 and Break A Pattern, 2008) included elements from hip hop, jazz, house and experimental electronica. Known for perfectionism and a desire to experiment with different musical influences and ideas, rather than settling for the norm, we were more than curious to find out what path he had taken this time.

So when we heard that Saine had finished his upcoming third album, we thought it would be a good moment to do an interview. Among other things we wanted to know where he draws his inspiration from, what are his working methods like and what does he think about some current affairs - like the state of music industry. So without further due, here´s what he had to say.

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Nov 10

My first Popkomm - a music industry trade show experience

This spring, before the summer holidays, we at Cymbidium Records decided to participate in the Popkomm music industry trade show in Berlin This meant early preparations: paying the entry fees, registering the participants, buying the plane tickets and making the hotel reservations. For me personally, it meant a first time trip, not only to Popkomm, but also to the city of Berlin. I was pretty excited.

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Nov 04

Cymbidium Records - the label that made Helsinki Cooler

As this is our first blog entry and chances are that besides old friends of Cymbidium, there will be readers who don´t really know much about us, we thought it would be a good idea to go through our history a little bit first. So ladies & gentlemen, here it is: the Cymbidium story. Hope you enjoy it. As Mr. Bogart once said in a famous movie: “this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship”

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